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Awareness makes a difference! Innovative solutions and academic background for early years, elaves...

Elaves World

 Elaves advocates the importance of early developmental years and focuses on language acquisition.
We bring innovative solutions to the crucial age range of 0-3 years for language development and second language acquisition! Our screen-free smart toys become sleep, language, and play companions for babies from birth. Our rich auditory content, compatible with cognitive development, touches lives.

Through our mobile application, we facilitate the management of toys while providing support to families with reliable cognitive information.

Screen-Free Smart Toys
Parent App
Auditory Content

Cognitive Methodology





The language development literature emphasizes the first five years as crucial for language acquisition. After the age of five, the ability to acquire new languages begins to decline rapidly. Additionally, the language skills acquired during this period influence children's future educational success.

Elaves approaches these years with a focus on language development and second language acquisition, utilizing a cognitive methodology developed through quantitative and qualitative research in the academic field. Our methodology, integrated with a multilingual acquisition system, enables the acquisition of linguistic data in a screen-free and environmentally friendly manner, thus facilitating a propensity for second language acquisition.

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