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For Early Developmental Years



We invite you to join our community to pioneer in the field of "second language acquisition." We welcome researchers, designers, academics, therapists, parents, and anyone who shares the vision to innovate, especially in the early years of development, with interdisciplinary approaches. We eagerly await the participation of those who want to contribute to innovations developed with interdisciplinary approaches during early development. We invite everyone who wants to join user researches and believes in the importance of early development to grow with us!

Elaves Seminars

Multidisciplinary Approach to Early Development Years

We highly value relying on scientific research, disciplines and academic knowledge. In parallel, we are starting to organize events that bring together multidisciplinary works, researchers, students and academics working in fields such as cognitive science, psychology, speech therapy, technology design for children, etc. and parents who engage with what we produce. Everyone is duly invited!

Current Seminar

Prof. MD, Department of Psychology

"First Communication and Then Language"

24 May 2024





Latest Seminars

Language and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood

2 May 2024




Early Years and
Second Language Acquisition

10 May 2024




Our Research Journey!

Parents, future parents, and bilingual families, we are eager to meet with you to hear your experiences and to further improve together. We are excited about our innovative solutions and products shaped by your experiences and contributions!

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